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⌖ G.P.C

The Garment Printing Club at MassArt, was founded by Nathan Bourget in January 2023. He teaches an average class of 15 creatives but has taught a class of 35 during one meeting in the Fall of 2023. Our consistent membership has reached 40.

We attempt to bring graphic art to life through silkscreen printing and transfer of information. It is the lifeblood connecting digital skill to the physical plane.


⌖Weekly Meetings

Garment Printing Club attempts to meet weekly, Wednesdays at 7:00pm. During these meetings, members will learn how to stretch a screen by hand correctly and coat it with emulsion. They will pass off their design to Nate and he will burn it during the club’s off-time. We would like to integrate the burning process in the future but it is hard to show that off when we need to be sneaking around or only using exposure units during half-hour windows on certain days. Members will learn about flooding methods, squeegee differences, off-contact, registration, curing and mass-production of printed garments.

This has been a challenge lately as there is no place for the club to meet without being asked to leave. Currently we have been meeting on the 7th floor of the Artist Residence building but this poses challenges with signing people in nonstop (and finding people to do it) as well as endless advances from Residence life asking for our removal. This has put the GPC in hiatus for the time being (as of writing: March 5, 2024)

Please join our Discord (I know, I’m sorry) for future updates

⌖The Message

Banana Room
February 5 - February 16
Reception: February 13

Dossier - sent to GPC Members

  1. [6:07 PM] Hello G.P.C members, I have submitted an application to the college requesting a space for a club gallery show and have received word that it was accepted and approved. Tell a friend.
  2. Info: The show’s title is ”THE MESSAGE”. It is meant to be taken as a light connection of the power that t-shirts have as the most efficient way of providing messages on your person. The title is also meant to connect to the sense of “divine wisdom” that stupid hippies and acidheads got when taking drugs, also the Manson murders, and also the Jonestown mass suicide. Envelope a cult and spooky atmosphere when designing for this show.
  3. The theme is circling around certain iconography and aesthetics of the late 60’s to early 70’s but with your own personal spin on it, of course. The reason being is to employ the idea of home, bootleg and guerilla screen printing, which became influential as the US entered the Vietnam war.
  4. I am not asking for people to create designs with smiley faces, peace signs and Yin-Yangs, but do not feel like you cannot use these if it plays into your designs. 
  5. Besides a few sculptures, the 95% majority of the work in the gallery will be from interested club members. This may be beneficial to your website storefront or Carcass storefront in selling your shirts if interested.
  6. [6:08 PM] Now, if you really aren’t interested in the theme at all, but are still amped to have your work in a show this would also be allowed, I am not going to say no to anybody’s designs if they are passionate about it. But really try and give it your all for this theme. More work embodying the zeitgeist of the birth of screen printing garments can only help the show succeed.
  7. TIME → I am not quite sure when the gallery has been approved for, hopefully later in the semester, but I am giving you this message for you to think about and possibly attempt some designs just in case it is at the very beginning of the semester. If it's early, this club will always make do.
  8. Please try to convey YOUR MESSAGE through this aesthetic if possible to create a coherent theme. And refer to these links if you need some inspiration!

  9. Sites

  15. Movies
  16. Easy Rider:
  17. Bakshi - Fritz the Cat:
  18. Bakshi - Wizards:
  19. The Wild Angels:

  20. Books & Articles GQ - artisanal T-shirts:
  21. Online Ceramics 1:
  22. Online Ceramics 2:
  23. H.S. Thompson - Hell’s Angels:
  24. Didion - Slouching Towards Bethlehem (DEMO 20 pages):


Arnheim Gallery
Show hosted by IZ//HALL, Ary & Ana
Curated by Tavish

GPC teaches February 7 at 7:30pm
And again teaches March 1 at 5:00pm


Collaboration shirts
Graphics made by Solon Perry, Freddie Famiglietti, Anna Demetrick, and David House

Printed by Nate Bourget for the MassArt ReStore

⌖SERC 2-part Demo

⌖Admissions  Demo

March 15 2024 @ 10:30am - COMPLETE (cycled 40 accepted students or parents
April 19 2024 @ 10:30am - Upcoming